Walhalla Dry Riesling 2016

  • Weingut Dr Loosen
  • Tyskland, Mosel

229 kr

  • 750 ml
  • Art.nr 78083

Sortiment Systembolagets beställning

Restsocker 4,2 g/l

Förslutning Naturkork

Alkoholhalt 12,0 %

Vita torra viner


Vinet jäser torrt på ståltank och sedan ligger den på sin jästfällning i ca 2 år.


Vinet får mogna i flaska i ca 1 år innan det släpps.


96 poäng James Suckling Anyone who gets around the world like Erni Loosen gets to meet a lot of famous winemakers. One of his oldest wine friends is Peter Barry, head of the legendary winery Jim Barry (Clare Valley). As it sometimes goes between two passionate and winemakers and friends, you meet regularly, you try wines together and at some points plans arise for projects. In 2008, Peter's son, Tom, also a highly talented winemaker, visited Erni on the Mosel. You could say this project is a little crazy, and you might be correct, but this is not about sales figures it is about two very passionate winemakers opening new horizons and showing what is possible in the world of high-end Riesling.